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Cash In Miles

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Cash in Hand RewardsCash In Miles has been buying and selling points, rewards and miles for years. We’ve started marketing our services online recently, as a vast majority of our business was strictly referral. If you’re unsure of our past, we’re happy to provide you a long list of successful prior customers.

Why Sell Your Miles or Awards?

First and foremost they expire, and your schedule might not allow you to take advantage of those points. Sell them quickly! We can take advantage of them now. Secondly, some folks travel quite a bit, so much that they accumulate more than they will ever use. Why not put them to good use by converting them into cash.

Your loss is the Airlines and Credit Card gains.

When you loose your miles or locked out of travel dates, you effectively just gave up your entire reason for signing up for those programs! Why not just convert those unused points into cash?! Makes sense to get all the value you can from your miles and programs.

We have many happy customers and would love you to become one as well. We are dedicated to keeping our reputation very high and still receive many referrals daily.

We are going to guide you through the steps to sell your points and make it easy. This is easy cash that you can get instantly, sell those unused points!

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